Jeffrey Benes, 64 Delegate

Antioch Middle School

North Kansas City 

My name is Jeff Benes, and I have been teaching in the Kansas City Metro area since 1998.  I have taught public and private school, sixth through twelfth grades.  I live in Kansas, and am a member of the Kansas Council, as well.  When I am not active in the Social Studies, I am working with Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, the American Legion, or sharing information about the Veteran's of Foreign Wars' Educational programs.  Also, I am a member of the Teaching Cadre for the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education.  Currently, I am teaching seventh grade Geography, as well as online Sociology.  When I can, I travel.  You won't find me staying in the block of rooms set aside at conference, as I want to experience the city on the ground.  This field is my passion and my life.  Thank you for sharing it with me.  Next year, my goal is to take my third child to the new Museum of African-American History and Culture, Ireland, and Italy.  You only live once.