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Tracey Portrait.HEIC

Tracey Auer, VP of Legislation 
Bland Middle School

My name is Tracey Auer and I teach World Geography and U.S. History for Bland Middle School in the Maries R2 School District. I have been married to my husband, Matt, for nearly 30 years. We have 3 kids in college, Shaylea, Shawne and Shayne.

We love to travel and have been to all 50 states and most of the National Parks. We enjoy hiking, scuba diving and spending time with our family.

At Bland Middle School I am the co-sponsor of the 8th grade D.C. Trip. We take a group of students and some parents to Williamsburg, D.C., Philadelphia and Gettysburg and make history come alive for them! It is my favorite part of the school year!

I am also passionate about Legislation on both the State and Federal levels. I am excited to work with the MCSS Legislative Committee and other members of the MCSS community to help ensure the legislation coming from both levels is helpful to our students and teachers.

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