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government resources

Government Building   A great starting point for government websites.  It has links to the three branches of the American government, along with the agencies, corporations, and all parts of the government.  It's easy to navigate and a great starting point for students learning about our government. This is an incredible resource about the Federal Supreme Court and its cases.  The site has detailed information about cases, opinions, justices, as well as recordings from the arguments.  


Landmark Supreme Court Cases  Hosted and created by Street Law, this is a collection point for resources for teaching and working with some defining court cases.   A great source for use in the classroom when students are trying to figure out their own views.  Start with the quiz to figure out where you are at on the political spectrum. Then, look to see how the candidates answered the same question.  What is really interesting on this page is that each candidate stance is sourced, so that you can see where they took that stand.  This site allows you to look at historical electoral votes. This is a great resource for middle and high school teachers looking to introduce civics in the classroom.  

James Madison Legacy Project  Run by the Missouri Bar, this is an outreach with funding from the Department of Education. There are resources available on the website, and they also work on teacher Professional Development.  

PBS' "The Supreme Court"   This is a great jumping off point with PBS quality documentary clips about the Supreme Court. 

Key Cases and Definitions in Intellectual Property Law  From Washington University in St. Louis' Law School, this is a great resource for everything you wanted to know about the history and major court cases regarding copyright law. 

How Does a Bill Become a Law?  An excellent resource that explains the process from start to finish and helps students understand how laws are made. 

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