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Welcome to MCSS

 The Missouri Council of the Social Studies is a non-profit professional organization serving both public and private K-12 social studies teachers. We are committed to strengthening the teaching and learning of social studies in Missouri. We offer a standards aligned annual conference, professional development, resources, public awareness, and advocacy. We want our students to be critical thinkers, civic minded, and good stewards of their communities, country and the world. We invite you to join us.

Mission Statement

The purpose of MCSS shall be to foster dialogue among teachers on the special mission of social studies, to assist teachers in teaching social studies more effectively, to promote student learning in social studies through quality teaching and curriculum and to increase student engagement and participation for the public good. 

The Missouri Council of the Social Studies is a Gold Star affiliate chapter of the National Council for the Social Studies.  To become a member of NCSS, click here for more information.


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