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world history resources

Old City

​​World History Maps  There are several ways to play with this, but with a projector or 1:1 technology, this site has some wonderful integration possibilities.  


Keith Hughes  Keith Hughes is a teacher in the genre of John Green.  He tries to explain complex history in a light and fun way to students.  Maybe not appropriate for class time, but worthwhile to share with students on their own time or as a primer.  


History of the Gulags  A story to tell about the archipelago of Soviet concentration camps containing enemies of the state.  If you like this, try Solzhenitsyn.  


Crash Course: World History  The playlist for world history, brought to you by John Green.  A fan put together this wiki with summaries, time codes, and more.  

History Teachers Playlist  This is a playlist of Youtube videos created by a couple of teachers, with the tune of a popular song, but the words changed for a historic lesson.  Strange at times, but fun and entertaining for sure.  


A History Blog   A great blog, with links to quite a few other blogs, discussing tidbits of world history.  Be sure to use the tags on the left to narrow your search.  


A World History Teacher's Blog   These blogs have some interesting posts that may come in handy as you go through the school year.  


Institute for Curriculum Services  National Resource Center for Professional Development and Curricular

Resources on Jews, Judaism, and Israel.

MO Leap Blocks-American and World History COMPLETE LESSONS

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