BOARD election information

The Missouri Council for the Social Studies is a non-profit, volunteer organization that is managed and run by social studies teachers and others in the education community.  Elections are held each year for positions on the Board of Directors, with term lengths varying between one and two years.  The Board meets quarterly in Jefferson City and following our annual conference each February. 


There are 19 positions on the Board, with each playing an important role in serving and advancing MCSS and social studies educators in Missouri.  While several of these positions are appointed, others are elected positions that are open to all Missouri social studies educators.  If you are interested in serving on the Board and having a voice in Missouri social studies education, please review the open positions and description of the role, which are detailed below.  Use the form linked below to submit your information and background and indicate which position you are interested in running for. 


The 2021 Ballot is now closed. Check back soon for the 2022 Ballot, if you are interested in running!

We had the following Board positions up for reelection in January 2021. Please click here if you are interested in one of the open positions.  Once the slate is set, a ballot will be sent to the MCSS membership to vote on, and new Board members will be sworn in at our conference in February.

The President-Elect shall 

preside over the Board of Directors in the absence of the President. This is a two-year term that moves to the position of President and then Past-President.  The duration of the terms for the three positions is six years.


OPEN POSITION: President-Elect

(click here for details)

Vice President positions shall be responsible for specific standing committees and filing reports on behalf of the committee.  These positions will be a two-year term.  These positions include VP of Membership, VP of Publications, and VP of Legislation.



Vice President of Publications (click here for details)

Regional Delegates and the Delegate at Large shall assist by sitting on committees and may also be asked to assist in planning  conferences or workshops.  Regional delegate positions will be a two-year term; the Delegate at Large serves a three-year term.  Regional delegates must live or work in the region they represent (i.e., 63 Delegate from a zip code beginning in 63, etc.)