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Teens & Library

Eagle Eye Citizen  A new website that lets teachers guide their students through Library of Congress resources, with focus largely on the 20th century.  This is billed as a site for American history, but has information to offer in geography and world history as well. The name is somewhat deceptive.  In reality, the site has a limited number of maps, but is a good jumping off point for a discussion of geography, religion, or war.

BBC News for Kids


CNN Student News  Daily news updates under ten minutes in length with Carl Azuz.


Channel One News Daily news for students.  This show launched the careers of Anderson Cooper and Lisa Ling.  On Fridays they feature the Week in Rap by Flocabulary.  

National History Day  National History Day in Missouri empowers students statewide, and the program is a great way to involve them in actively studying history. To learn more, check out the Educator Flyer. NHD teachers also have the chance to be considered for awards and opportunities at the state and national level - from Educator of the Year awards to institutes in Normandy and China, the NHD possibilities are endless!



Lesson Plans


China and Overpopulation

This is both a great lesson for researching China, as well as developing an essay using a graphic organizer. The main lesson is here.  In this location is the graphic organizer for the argumentative essay.  And here you will find the link for a grading rubric for the argumentative essays.  

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