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high SCHOOL resources

College Students Created by the Annenberg Foundation, this site has a lot to offer across the curriculum.  This site has some great interactives for learning the skills critical to our field.  


CNN Student News Daily news updates under ten minutes in length with Carl Azuz.


Channel One News Daily news for students.  This show launched the careers of Anderson Cooper and Lisa Ling.  On Fridays they feature the Week in Rap by Flocabulary. The name is somewhat deceptive.  In reality, the site has a limited number of maps, but is a good jumping off point for a discussion of geography, religion, or war. 

National History Day  National History Day in Missouri empowers students statewide, and the program is a great way to involve them in actively studying history. To learn more, check out the Educator Flyer. NHD teachers also have the chance to be considered for awards and opportunities at the state and national level - from Educator of the Year awards to institutes in Normandy and China, the NHD possibilities are endless!


Teaching 9/11  Resources for teaching the event.  Be sure to check out the National Geographic documentary as well. 


Institute for Curriculum Services - National Resource Center for Professional Development and Curricular Resources on Jews, Judaism, and Israel.

Lesson Plans


Yalta Conference Activity 

This was created to utilize primary source material available from the Truman Library.  (Derek Frieling)


Brown vs. Board of Education

A lesson plan about the historic court case, incorporating primary source documents.  (Tina Ellsworth)


A Historical Perspective on the Arab-Israeli Conflict and Peace Process

Institute for Curriculum Services

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