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ELEMENTARY resources

Raising Hands

Brain Pop Jr. Videos and video-based activities. It's great for lesson starters or introductory bell ringers, with familiar characters to kids.  Be aware that many items must be paid for, so be sure to double check before planning a lesson around a specific video unless your district already pays for the subscription.


C3 Teachers-Inquiry Design Model Ready-to-teach, inquiry-based design lessons that are completely FREE and result in high levels of engagement and critical thinking. Lessons are written for grades K-5.


We the Civics Kids! Lessons, readings, literacy connections and games.  This site is excellent for civic engagement and early government learning.  Great classroom activities and all completely free!

Smithsonian History Explorer Lessons, interactives and media and book suggestions. Allows for searches of resources and other lessons strictly by grade level or content; will quickly pull resources designed for you!


National Geographic for Kids Games, lesson plans and videos.  Ideal for cross-curricular between Social Studies and Science, quick and easy to access Geography resources, and much more.


Smithsonian Learning Lab  Offers incredible access to the collections at the Smithsonian with easy searchability and access to specific resources or collections.  It’s a great resource for finding already curated resources around a specific topic with the knowledge that they are credible and vetted.  You can use it to add quizzes, outside resources, and other elements to your lessons.

Pueblo History Suitable for an upper elementary classroom covering early American history.  Very bright and colorful with tons of information on this time period and these cultures - great for young learners!  

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